About  My Tea

My Tea is an Arizona based Tea Company that specialized in hand crafted Bubble Milk Tea Drinks, Ice Frappes and Real Fruit Smoothies, Shaved Fruit Snow & Ice and our special cold brewed coffee, which is brew for 20 hours to create a bold flavor that is smooth and delightful. We use only premium syrups, sauces, real fruit smoothie purees that keeps our drinks tasting fresh and satisfying. My tea is proud to offer more than 30 different Monin flavors of gourmet syrup that can be infused into our fresh brewed ice teas to create a unique flavorful experience.   We also make all our own sweeteners with all natural morena pure cane sugar...never any high fructose corn syrup and also GMO free. Our Teas and Coffee are brewed from the Highest Quality ingredients for  a perfectly  balance of flavor and taste.  So com'on in and try one of our hand crafted drinks or gather up some friends and share one of our shaved snow creation.